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Introducing the Best Preschool to your Kids - Autumn Leaves

We are one of the top daycare and preschool centres in Bangalore, dedicated to the wellbeing of every child that comes to us. Get in touch with us to know more about the kinds of resources and support we can provide your child, in order to help them reach their full potential.

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  • Safe and Nurturing Environment for your child to explore and learn.

  • Approach to Education that goes, Beyond Traditional Classroom Learning

  • We ensure that each child receives Individual Attention and Support from our teachers.

  • Socializing with other children of their age helps them develop their interpersonal and communication skills.

  • A Team of Experienced and Qualified Staff who have the knowledge and expertise to provide your child with the best possible learning experience.

  • A Comprehensive and Engaging nursery education program for your child

  • Experienced Teachers to provide your child with a safe, nurturing, and stimulating environment. .

  • Enhancing their cognitive, motor, language, and social skills through various activities such as storytelling, singing, dancing, and arts.

  • Our nursery program is designed to Promote Holistic Development in your child.

  • Proven Track Record of Providing High-Quality Education and care for young children.

  • Develop a Strong Foundation for their future education and personal growth.

  • Our LKG program is designed to Focus on the Overall Development of your child .

  • Age-Appropriate Curriculum that covers all the necessary concepts and skills that your child needs to learn at this level.

  • We prioritize on providing a Safe and Hygienic Environment for the well-being of your child.

  • Experienced and Trained Teachers who understand the developmental needs of children at this level.

  • Our UKG program is designed to provide your child with Quality Education

  • Encourage Children to explore, learn, and grow at their own pace.

  • Develop reading habit by providing age specific story books in our reading areas.

  • Equal importance to regional language, Kannada.

  • Setting them up for success in their academic and personal lives.

  • Our daycare program provides a safe and secure environment for your child, with experienced and caring staff trained to handle children in their early ages.

  • We offer a range of educational activities designed to stimulate your child's development

  • Your child will have the opportunity to interact with their peers, helping them to develop social skills and build friendships

  • Convenient for working parents, allowing you to focus on your work while knowing that your child is in good hands

  • Your child will have the opportunity to learn, grow, develop important social skills and bloom into a bright future

For Admissions, Get In Touch With Us

We at Autumn Leaves pre-school, are a passionate group of people who have dedicated ourselves to raising a robust and well-rounded generation of children, since 2017. We strongly believe in providing a safe, yet challenging environment for your child, with the aim of making their transition from home life to traditional schooling, as smooth as possible. Being one of the top preschools and daycare centres in Bangalore with more than ten franchises across Karnataka, you can trust your child’s future with us.

We are open for new admissions for the year 2023-24 across all centres! Enquire now for the nearest centre in order to get started on your child’s enrolment process!

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