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Why Autumn Leaves?

Autumn Leaves are nature's artwork, a sight to behold! A whole year’s worth of care and nourishment bringing out a beautiful shade in them before they leave their tree and blow into our paths. Our preschool takes inspiration from nature and believes that children are like these leaves; leaves that can be crafted to create beauty in the world. A wholesome environment that picks them when they fall, and cheers them when they achieve their small and big milestones — that is what we aim to be for your child. Join us in shaping young minds, and watch them bring joy and beauty to the world.

What is Special About Us?

  • We are among some of the best play schools and day care centres in Bangalore

  • A practical learning environment.

  • Phased learning through monthly book pattern.

  • Equal importance to regional language (Kannada)

  • Providing sensitivity towards nature and other living species!

  • A culture rich curriculum in order to encourage the physical, emotional, mental, and social development of your child!


Our state-of-the-art infrastructure ensures that your child is able to pursue their interests and fulfil their immense potential.

Trained Staff

Our teachers and caretakers are trained and experienced in nurturing young minds and guiding them through their social, cognitive, emotional and physical development during their formative years.

Co-curricular Development

Children have many talents and interests and tapping into them early in their development can transform their lives in unexpected ways. At Autumn Leaves pre-school, we provide your child with resources and opportunities to explore their interests!


School is meant to be a transitional space for children between their homes and the outside world. It should be a space that introduces them to differences, similarities and the joys of being a part of a community and contributing to it. The outside world can be an intimidating place to navigate, and Autumn Leaves pre-school is just the right space for them to begin their journey! With the support of their peers and the gentle guidance of their teachers and caretakers, we can assure the holistic development of your child, during the time they are with us.

Playgroup – 1.8 – 2.8 years

Nursery – 2.8 – 3.8 years

LKG – 3.8 – 4.8 years

UKG – 4.8 – 5.8 years

Day Care

We at Autumn Leaves sincerely believe in providing a conducive environment for your child during their early years. In other words, our daycare centre is meant to be a home away from home — a place where child can spread their wings safely, under the gentle care of our staff.


Educational and fun-filled camps are a great way for your child to make new friends while also learning new ideas and discovering themselves. At our preschool, we recognise this and routinely organise camps for children of various age groups, where they are provided with the resources and guidance to pursue their interests ranging from sports to music, arts and literature. Our camps are usually conducted during Dussehra, summer and winter holidays.

After-School Activities :

We also conduct various after-school activities for kids of various age groups between 2 to 12. Our after-school activities are aimed at cultivating discipline and skill in your child’s area of interest. It is an opportunity for them to receive a non-academic education that could help them reach their full potential.

For Admissions, Get In Touch With Us

We at Autumn Leaves pre-school, are a passionate group of people who have dedicated ourselves to raising a robust and well-rounded generation of children, since 2017. We strongly believe in providing a safe, yet challenging environment for your child, with the aim of making their transition from home life to traditional schooling, as smooth as possible. Being one of the top preschools and daycare centres in Bangalore with more than ten franchises across Karnataka, you can trust your child’s future with us.

We are open for new admissions for the year 2023-24 across all centres! Enquire now for the nearest centre in order to get started on your child’s enrolment process!

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VK-BM presents Autumn Leaves with education Excellence award.

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Autumn leaves teaches Kannada along with English from preschool onwards.

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